Changing from storm into sunshine

Ice collection at the black beach of Eyrarbakki. 24.11.2017

Sometimes things are going otherwise than it supposed to be. Iceland was and is hit by a heavy storm and many tourists got stuck or drove into troubles. On Best Travel’s tour program was Golden Circle the first day, what could be done. But there was no chance to go further than Vik and the passengers had to learn they can’t visit the ice cave in Vatnajökull and glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon. Checking the weather forecast and road conditions is as important sto make finally the right decision. Today Best Travel decided to change to Reykjanes peninsula. As temperatures had been in minus for some days there was  a lot of ice at the black beach of Eyrarbakki, an alternatative diamond beach! Instead of a dangerous driving in very bad weather with heavy wind gusts and sandstorm in the southeast of Iceland the group could enjoy a beautiful day with blue sky. If you travel in Iceland try to be flexible and trust your driverguide.

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