Automn tour along no 1, the ring road

Driving alongside the colorful Lake Myvatn. 18.09.2017

Mostly travelling with small groups on the own busses Best Travel got a booking for a larger group and rented a bus of the size everybody got a window seat. It was exactly the right decision as the passengers were very lucky with the weather. We travelled constantly away from the rain and got just sunny, warm and calm days except the last hours in Reykjavik. The automn light is especially warm and turns the landscape in a beautiful light. On our tour we saw the sheeps being gathered by the farmers by horseback riding. Three travellers of ours decided to fly a part in the North East by helicopter with pilot Matthias Vogt. No problem and no waiting time came up, as they could fly from our break at the mountain coffee in Mödrudalur to Dettifoss. The pilot saw us on the road to the impressive waterfall Dettifoss and landed just beside it and just few minutes away from the most powerful waterfall in Europe. From the air and from the view point a fantastic rainbow hanged over it. The vegetation showed up in beautiful colors, in North Iceland there was a real Indian summer. And not enough, twice we found just after dinner the Northern Lights moving over the sky and we could just walk out from the hotel. What a luck! There are moments I think there’s nothing better than being a bus driver around Iceland. Yes, I love my job! Please feel free to travel with me…

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