Best wishes from Best Travel

Rather late but nevertheless Best Travel and Best of Iceland would like to send best wishes and say thank you to everybody who booked us or joined one of our tours for the confidence in us. 


Different sceneries around Iceland

It’s suprizing what different sceneries you can meet around Iceland – it makes circles always special. We were lucky with weather and Northern Lights during the last tour.


Amazing waterfalls

Even the morning hours are still dark my group and me had to start early to reach the meeting point for glacier hike on time. We were really honored for being early birds at Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall is illuminated nicely … Continue reading


Impressions of a winter circle

To be on a winter circle can be fantastic!  It’s absolutely a quiet season and my group and me had many places just for us! We got cold but really beautiful weather.


Sunrise at Glacierlagoon

The ice cave season has started few weeks ago and we are again on the run to go to Glacierlagoon on 2 days/3 days tours or circles.