Again a nice review although stuck in snow

Trapped in Akureyri due to snowstorm. 29.11.2018

I’m so happy I got a fantastic review of a travel guest although we could not fulfill the program of the tour as reported yesterday. Thank you very much Natalia for your nice lines in our guestbook: We did 8 day winter tour booked through Guide to Iceland and operated by Best Travel. It was an amazing tour and great experience! Guided by Eggert, we learned a lot about this beautiful country and its unique nature. We were also lucky with the weather, for 5 days it was sunny and we enjoyed all the colors palette. Eggert was very helpful, friendly, and shared enormous amount of information regarding Iceland, he was great! The bus was very comfortable and clean. We got hit by a snow storm, and even though our whale watching activity got cancelled, it was compensated by beautiful snow landscapes and real winter mood!! Highly recommended!

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