4×4 Sprinter over Kjölur highlandroad

4×4 Sprinter on Kjölur highland road. 02.07.2019, picture Asi

Today our 4×4 Sprinter drove the highlandroad 35, the so called Kjalvegur or Kjölur with Asi as a driverguide (thanks for the picture) and his passengers from Canada. The group enjoyed very nice weather. On a clear day you are side to side to the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. The first highland day is always important to find out if everything is ok with the vehicle. Nextly more difficult roads are coming up with Fjallabak and Sprengisandur on the tour “Kräftespiel der Elemente“, translated powerplay of the elements. Best Travel is really looking forward to this adventure.

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