4×4 Sprinter challenged the power play of the elements

4×4 Sprinter at a photo stop above Frostadarvatn close to Landmannalaugar. 23.07.2019

Recently our 4×4 Sprinter  came back from the exciting tour with a lovely group from Switzerland. The tour Kräftespiel der Elemente, in English the power play of the elements shows many various faces of Iceland, for the 4×4 Sprinter, for passengers, Best of Iceland guide and driver the two highland days are the most exciting. Our vehicle did its job very well and was of course glad the mountain tracks were in good shape and nothing broke. It took rivers perfectly as well as the rougher parts of Fjallabak and Sprengisandur.

The first highland day we turned into road F208  from the ring road close to Kirkjubaerklaustur. It leads over hills and through valleys and numerous rivers and creeks are to cross when going towards Gjatindur, to Eldgja and to Landmannalaugar.

This highland track is one of the most exciting and the landscape is spectacular and very colorful.The

The following day it’s like the opposite. The longest highland road Sprengisandur, F26 is more or less like a grey desert. You feel to be on the roof of Iceland. There are many many kilometers and again some creeks and rivers until you reach the ring road beside Godafoss in North East Iceland.

Everybody was very pleased with our vehicle we bought in 2018 and one morning it stood outside on the parking lot of Landhotel with a nice shine on it – a UFO?

4×4 Sprinter, volcano Hekla and a UFO? 24.07.2019

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