Easter egg surprise

Best Travel’s special Easter egg with Mercedes Sprinter driving out of it. 31.03.2018

Best Travel wishes everybody a happy Easter, in Icelandic “gledilaga thaska”! In Iceland everybody looks for a sweet chocolate egg this day and is allowed to open it. Normally it’s filled with candies with different tastes as carmel, licorice and more. But what shows out of Best Travel’s egg? It seems to be a Mercedes Sprinter and if we saw this right it’s a 4×4. Continue Reading →


Jeep trip to the Northwest

Landcruiser jeep with trailer beside the ringroad in Northwest of Iceland. 22.03.2018

It’s rather long time since our Landcruiser jeep was in use as we were always travelling by bus. It was a welcome change and it looked nice beside in the landscape of Northwest Iceland just beside the ringroad. Continue Reading →


Faskrudsfjördur shows it’s best side

Morning view in Faskrudsfjördur. 18.03.2018

This was today’s morning view in Faskrudsfjördur in East Iceland. There aren’t many words needed and we just enjoyed it, especially after the rain we got in South Iceland. Those moments are unforgettable but I have to add, the night before wasn’t bad either with bright Northern Lights right over the town.  Continue Reading →


Vatnajökull’s stunning blue ice

Blue ice cave in Vatnajökull. 16.03.2018

It’s some weeks since Best Travel drove to the Southeast of Iceland, to Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull. Especially in winter time it’s a blue ice world. It even looks little bit as somebody painted Svinafellsjökull glacier. The blue color is some kind of unreal but it’s all nature. If you join a guided ice cave tour in Vatnajökull you find another blue color, it’s a deep blue in clear ice with some black corns or stripes in it. Continue Reading →