Oktober 7, 2017

Glacierlagoon recovered

Again normal water level in Glacierlagoon again. 07.10.2017

It’s just little bit more than one week when the water level was extremely high in Glacierlagoon as I never saw it before. I was wondering how it looks today before the arrival in the afternoon. Even there was no sunshine, I was happy to see the normal water level and took a short walk along the shore what wasn’t possible last time. Weiterlesen →

Oktober 5, 2017


Urridafoss. 05.10.2017

Urridafoss is a not very knows waterfall located just few meters South of ring road no 1 in Thjorsa river between Selfoss and Hella. There is a lot of water coming down, up to 360 m3/s and it falls 6 meters down on a width of 40 meters. Yes, this is not as high as many other waterfalls but never the less it’s a nice scenery and just great to spend some time there on a sunny day like today. Weiterlesen →

September 28, 2017

Impressive high water level in Glacierlagoon

Glacierlagoon Jökulsarlon with exceptionally high waterlevel. 28.09.2017

As Glacierlagoon Jökulsarlon is among the most visited spots in Iceland Best Travel is quite often there. But it’s never the same situation there, sometimes it’s just full of icebergs, a few days later there’s almost no ice. But today the water level was unbelievable high and the tides had a lot of power on the ice. It was impressive the watch the scenery. Due to heavy rain recent days and hours the water at least two meters higher than what you find normally. There was no chance to walk alongside the lagoon’s shore as people often do. Everything was full of water. Best Travel was lucky to be able to visit the Glacierlagoon today. Please check the road conditions before you travel in the Southeast and East of Iceland. Some roads are actually closed due to floodings. Drive carefully! Please have a look at the following pictures and see the difference of the water level at the hill comparing to normal level.

September 23, 2017

Automn tour along no 1, the ring road

Driving alongside the colorful Lake Myvatn. 18.09.2017

Mostly travelling with small groups on the own busses Best Travel got a booking for a larger group and rented a bus of the size everybody got a window seat. It was exactly the right decision as the passengers were very lucky with the weather. We travelled constantly away from the rain and got just sunny, warm and calm days except the last hours in Reykjavik. The automn light is especially warm and turns the landscape in a beautiful light. Weiterlesen →

August 23, 2017

Five times Sprengisandur

Driving the rough track Sprengisandur. 27.07.2016

Best Travel drove five times the longest and highest highland road called Sprengisandur this summer. It’s every time again a challenge and the driver always hopes the vehicle lasts as he?s responsible for the passengers. There are many kilometers of rough gravel road getting worse the longer the summer. Several rivers are to cross, many are easy but it’s wise to take care in Svarta as there are large lave stones in it. The rivers around the hut of Nyidalur can be very different, somewhen with a lot of water, the next time just with litte water. You never know… Weiterlesen →

August 15, 2017

Great view over Fjallabak

4×4 Mantra enjoys the overview in Fjallabak. 15.08.2017

To drive F208 through Fjallabak is very exciting and colorful. Somewhen you are on top of the mountains to drive steep down into valleys and of course many rivers need to be crossed. There is never a boring moment and the landscape is more than stunning. It looks even the 4×4 Mantra is enjoying the great view from the top.

Juli 24, 2017

Hvannadalshnukur 2110 m

Iceland’s highest mountain Hvannadalshnukur

Best Travel was very lucky to see Iceland’s highest mountain today in bright sunshine. Hvannadalshnukur is 2110 meters high is part of Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull and of Öraefajökull volcano, Europe’s second largest volcano. Two big eruptions are known and happened in the years 1362 and 1727. It’s possible to hike to the top of this mountain but if you aren’t a experienced mountaineer book a guided tour. Anyway it’s fantastic to stand in front of all clear Hvannadalshnukur what is not very often possible. Later the day clouds and fog covered the scenery. 

4×4 Mantra in Hof i Öraefi

Juli 17, 2017

Mantra inspection

The Mantra gets checked by the professional for the next tours. 17.07.2017

Best Travel’s 4×4 Mercedes Mantra is back from three tours in a row and didn’t fail at all even there were many highland kilometers to pass. Now the professional takes a good look at everything as three more tours are waiting. Start is next Saturday with the tour Kräftespiel der Elemente, where Fjallabak and Sprengisandur are waiting. Thanks a lot to J.G. to take so much care of the vehicles.

Juli 11, 2017

Great day in Fjallabak

Crossing a river in Fjallabak. 11.07.2017

Have you ever experienced Fjallabak in  South Iceland? Best Travel drove on this sunny day along this stunning, colorful landscape. It’s just fantastic and as the weather was so perfect, we took the short term decision to head even up towards Gjatinder. A good 4×4 vehicle and a experienced driver are required. But you will never forget this adventure. Let us know if you like to go there: info@besttravel.is