4×4 Toyota Hiace

We would like to introduce the newest member in our fleet. The 4×4 Toyota Hiace isn’t new but fits well for daily use and with 9 seats for small groups. Toyota Hiace are well known as cars you can really … Continue reading


Easter egg surprise

Best Travel wishes everybody a happy Easter, in Icelandic “gledilaga thaska”! In Iceland everybody looks for a sweet chocolate egg this day and is allowed to open it. Normally it’s filled with candies with different tastes as carmel, licorice and more. … Continue reading


Jeep trip to the Northwest

It’s rather long time since our Landcruiser jeep was in use as we were always travelling by bus. It was a welcome change and it looked nice beside in the landscape of Northwest Iceland just beside the ringroad.


Real winter in Iceland

Last Sunday Best Travel collected passengers of group Wintermaerchen at Keflavik Airport. People from Switzerland were rather surprized to arrive in Iceland and to see just little snow alongside the mountains but not more. It wasn’t what they expected from … Continue reading